Passchendaele Farm

Passchendaele English Coonhounds

2903 Washington Road

Waldoboro, ME 04572

(207) 542-8878

Owners: Tom Backus and Melissa Backus

Trainer/Barn Manager: Melissa Backus

Tom and Melissa Backus own Passchendaele Farm, where they live with their daughter, Audrianna, 5 English Coonhounds, two cats, numerous ducks and chickens, 7 horses and ponies, and donkey.

Visit Neigh-Kid Gifts

Custom Horse Hair Jewelry and Keepsakes handmade by Melissa Backus. 

© Passendaele Farm

Call: (207) 542-8878



2903 Washington Road

Waldoboro, ME 04572

(visit by appointment only)

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